How To Plan A Birthday Party For Your Kindergartner

Planning a party for children under 3 is so much fun! The child hardly is aware of what’s going on around them, and they don’t have any demands for the party. It’s basically a party for you to have fun; in the name of your baby, that is. If you’re wondering how we know your secrets, it’s because most parents all around the word do the same…it’s like a global scheming!

But once they start kindergarten (and begin to lose their baby chubbiness *sniff sniff*), and they finally understand and look forwards to their own birthday, the party planning changes; just a wee bit. Sure, you can’t have it to your own themes now; but your child’s ideas won’t be that hard to do either!

Here are our tips on how to throw your kindergartners birthday party, without too much hassle.

Keep the “guest list” simple

It’s not a new year party, you don’t need to invite everyone you know. Decide if you want to make it a friends and family party, or a friends from school party. If it’s the first, then perhaps it won’t feel as stressful; after all, it can only mean a hand full of your child’s friends and cousins, yes? You can even invite their parents for this party; it will make the party more interesting for you, for sure. If it’s the later, and you want to invite your child’s school friends, then making it a “children only affair” is best. Ask a few parents (of the kids invited) to help out a bit, if you feel you can’t control all of them alone.

Don’t sweat the food or the deco.

Food and decoration mean almost nothing for little ones. Sure, if it’s done eye-catchingly they might get a kick out of it; but they’ll enjoy it even if it was simple. Getting the help of a Canberra caterers will definitely make your life a lot easier, especially if you plan on having adults at the party as well. But if such a service is beyond your budget, then fret not. Children are more than happy with a few sandwiches and a few varieties of finger foods. Just remember to make “non-messy” choices, and have plenty for each child. Also, it’s important to be prepared with a lot of fluids. Trust us, with all that running around and playing, they’ll be asking for drinks the whole time!

Games and entertainment for the kids

Though children are pretty good at entertaining themselves, as a host, it’s important that you provide them with a little entertainment. Even if you don’t hire a birthday catering service, consider hiring a party hire service, perhaps for something like a bouncing castle.

Center a few games around the “toy” you hire, so that the children don’t get tired playing with it. If not, you can hire the ever popular, and much cheaper children’s magicians. If it’s a magician who’s naturally good with kids, then you’re in luck! They’ll have a few games up their sleeves as well!

Don’t try to stick too much to an agenda; let it happen as it happens…that’s how you’ll all have fun!