The Important Components Of Frozen Drink Machines

Lovers of frozen drinks will always be regulars of the smooth feeling of buying slushy depending on the season. This is why many restaurants have invested in either purchase or slush machine hire. Having a machine that makes and dispenses those cold drinks will definitely be a plus for the business. However, before acquiring the machines, here are some few factors to consider.

Unlike commercial coffee machines in Melbourne, machines that make frozen drinks have a desired amount of thickness for the drinks they dispense. This function of the machine is called the viscosity control function. The job of the viscosity control function is to make sure the drink is not too frozen and thicker than the customers would like. With this feature in the frozen drinks machine, the restaurant owner can get a consistent quality of drinks in terms of thickness. It also allows them to produce a different variety of drinks if their customers demand it.

Every frozen drink machine must have a good temperature control machine. Almost all the other components of the machine depend on the working of the temperature control. In most cases, the temperature control component allows the operator to produce drinks in either the frozen mode or the chilled mode by controlling the thermostat.

Most frozen drinks need ice to be added as an ingredient during the process. Some will have their own freezers while others require the constant addition of ice through a bucket. Either way, all the machines must have an ice shaving component. This is the part that collects the ice in various amounts and combinations, and feeds it into a blender before being fed into the drink mixture. Different machines have different ice shaver components; some are digital and automatic while others are manually operated.

Some slush machines are different in that they have bowls, where one adds the syrup and ice or water mixture. The machines have an auger component, where the mixture is continually mixed and chilled. The reason for this mixing and chilling simultaneously is so that the mixture does not freeze over and become solid. In some frozen drink machines, one can add alcoholic ingredients directly into the mixture at this stage. This way, once all the ingredients are fed into the machine, all that remains is pulling the lever and dispensing the drinks. However, some alcoholic ingredients tend to damage plastic seals, so it is advisable to mix in the alcohol towards the end when the drink is dispensed. If you are interested in commercial coffee machine hire  you can visit this website

Unlike the slush machine, the ice shaver provides variety. With it, one can make a variety of drinks with different fruits, or with the same ingredients but different texture. It is ideal for use in a restaurant environment where there is need for a variety of drinks.

One portion of most of these machines that most people ignore is the condenser filter. It is unique to frozen drink machines and might not be found in office coffee machines. The purpose of this small component is to prevent the accumulation of dust and ensure adequate ventilation. It can always be removed and washed.