Welcome to Ever So Emily! My name is…well…Emily and I love all things artsy. Whether I’m at my full-time job as a graphic and web designer, exploring my love for fashion, makeup, and all things beauty, or entertaining my random sporadic hobby of painting and drawing, I love being creative. I live in the amazing city of Raleigh, NC with my loving husband, Len, and our 4 fur babies: our dogs, Zoey and Macy (the newest addition!), and 2 cats, Layla and Eli. I love Raleigh because it’s a community that is all about supporting small local businesses. For one, I work for a small business and love it. For another, to me, local businesses make the best quality product, whether it be food, jewelry, restored furniture, you name it! You’re always going to find something unique and wonderful here. Though we live in the city, our hearts will always belong to the beach. Both Len and I grew up in a small town right on North Carolina’s coast. The dream for us is to travel and see the world, constantly try new things, and explore the beauty everywhere around us, no matter where we are.

Why a blog?

I started Ever So Emily because I love finding new things and sharing them with people. It could be a new beauty line, a small little hidden boutique, or a ridiculously delicious restaurant. Once I find it, I have to tell everyone I know! It hasn’t been enough to just tell the people I see every day, so I am hoping to grow this blog so I can get the word out to more people inside (and outside) my community.