Hi! I’m Emily, and I am obsessed with shoving products I love in your face…hence the blog. I started this blog under the name Sandy Stilettos (Beach + Fashion) in September of 2016 because I wanted to share all of the things I was excited about with more than just my coworkers and close friends. I get way over-excited about small things, and sometimes the people around me are not the ones that want to hear about the newest subscription box that I just signed up for…enter you guys! Well…hopefully. 😉

I have a day job as a graphic and web designer, which I love, but sometimes I just want to rant on about my newest fashion or *clean* beauty finds, tell everyone about a local restaurant or boutique that I love (#shoplocal), or share all of the photos and details about my latest travel excursion with my forever travel buddy (that would be my amazing husband, Len). I have spent my entire life living across North Carolina. I grew up at the beach, went to school in the mountains, and moved to the city (Raleigh) for work. Some might argue that Raleigh isn’t a city, but it’s more of a city than I’ve ever lived in, so I’ll take it. I love so much about each location, but I have to say that the beach girl in my trumps everything else. One day, we will end up in our dream beach house!

My two dogs and two cats, whom you will probably see sneak their way into this blog here and there (aka a lot).
Lavender Vanilla Lattes
Small Businesses
Anything fluffy (dog, pillow, etc.)
Rose Gold (because basic white girl)
Subscription Boxes
Beach Life
Photography (my second side hustle)

The mission of my blog is to provide realistic and relatable content to give you, my followers, helpful tips and inspiration for your everyday life, whether it be creating gorgeous outfits with nothing but staple pieces (and on a budget) or realizing how easy it is to swap to clean beauty products (and why you should). I owe you guys the best I can give, because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.