If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve seen my posts about JORD’s beautiful wooden watches. I love those watches, they are always my go-to when my apple watch isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I was so excited to learn about JORD’s new vegan leather handbag collection!

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This collection of vegan bags and wallets isn’t like any others I’ve ever seen, and here’s why. JORD uses a cork-infused vegan leather that gives a beautiful cork-like texture to the bags. They are harvested from cork oak trees, which can be safely harvested every decade for 200 years. As the bark regrows on a cork oak tree, it pulls tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and produces greenhouse gases. They call the end product Suberhide™, and its cork-like properties are not to be confused with the stuff that keeps our wine fresh. It is stain-resistant, water resistant, flame retardant, hypoallergenic, and maintains its shape after compressing or creasing. Not to mention BEAUTIFUL.

Think about it, our wallets live in our purses, which are filled with who knows what (how many women have significant others who are afraid to look in their purses? 😂), and they are constantly being pulled out and shoved back in, while scraping against keys, sunglasses, nail files, or whatever else you might have in your bag. You want it to be durable! Suberhide™ resists scratching and tearing and is maintains shape after compression or creasing.

As much as I was eyeing their gorgeous cross body bags, I decided it was time for a wallet and opted for the Eila Shadow Black and Silver zippered wallet. I was really stuck between the black and the natural & gold, but I have been wearing a LOT of black lately so I figured I can use it with more of my outfits. One thing I love about it though is the pop of red around the zipper. It adds some fun along with the “corky” texture to make a look that I absolutely love!

If you’re not in the market for a new wallet, make sure you check out their other bags. (Tip: the cross bodies and backpacks are to DIE for.)

Something I love that JORD is doing is involving their customers in the design process. This means that you have the rare opportunity to participate in the design of real accessories on an ongoing basis PLUS get an awesome discount on JORD products. How fun is that?! All you have to do is fill out this survey, and you will be automatically redirected to the JORD site where a generous discount will automatically be applied to your cart when you make a purchase.


Which new Suberhide™ item is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and be sure to tag me @eversoemily and JORD @jordwatches in your pictures with your new bags. I can’t wait to see how you guys style them!

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  1. just searching out about jords vegan leather and found you post its good but can you tell me about shipping and price range about it please

  2. Is there only a collection of pouches you have? are you dealing with handbags? from where I can get info about the collection of handbags and their prices as well?

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