At my job, my boss likes to call me the “toolbox.” (Okay, he did for like one week.) But he called me that because I am always finding some sort of new app or tool that makes my life easier and showing it off to everyone. Right now, we’re all stuck at home, so we’re using our phones and technology more and more. I compiled a list of my 8 favorite apps I use almost daily.


Ever forget what you ordered because you ordered so much for the holidays or you’re just forgetful? Or you can’t find that tracking number? Or you never got a shipping confirmation? Arrive connects to your email to find online orders and track all of your shipments in one place, no matter what carrier is delivering them to your house! It’s a clean and easy to use app that has all of the info you need right when you open it up, with maps and everything. The maps don’t show exactly where they are on the road, but you can see where in the world they were last scanned!



I’ve mentioned this app a couple times (here and here) on the blog, because there is so much about this app that makes it amazing. Short version, is that it is an app that allows you to upload all of the pieces of clothing in your closet (you don’t have to take pictures…there are already plenty of pre-loaded images that all you have to do is find the closest matching item) and every day the app uses your location to match outfit options to the weather. It not only shows you ways to put outfits together in your closet that you didn’t know you could, but it shows you what items you are and aren’t wearing, so you can work on having a more minimal closet! Read my other blog posts to find out more. Their mission is to limit fast fashion and our needless extra spending on new clothes. Their website shares a lot of great info on this:



You’ve probably heard of this one. Last year I posted a blog post comparing TIU to BBG/Sweat app. Spoiler alert: Tone It Up was the winner. (Although apparently BBG updated their beginners program and I’m a little intrigued to try it out.) I love the videos from Karena and Katrina along with all the other amazing women that work with them. They are fun and they make you feel like you’re in a class right at home. They also recently updated their app and it is much more organized and includes a recipes tab!



If you have an iPhone, and I do, you have the notes app. And you probably use it for all of your lists: to do, grocery shopping, packing list. But for some reason I don’t love it for that. I love the Wunderlist app mainly because when you check something off it goes away from the screen. I also like that I can collaborate on lists with other people that don’t have iPhones (like my husband). If you’re in the market for a new list app – definitely check this one out!


IBOTTA & DOSH to Get Cash Back

I put both of these in one because they do similar things, and have the same end result: cash back. Ibotta connects to your store cards (Food Lion MVP, Target Circle, etc) to find out what you purchased and gives you cash back based on the offers that you chose ahead of time. Dosh uses PayPal’s servers to connect with your debit and credit cards. It shows you a list of restaurants and stores that it is partnered with and every purchase you make using a connected card at one of those places gets you cash back!

Download Ibotta | Download Dosh

CARA CARE for Food Journaling

I have a super sensitive stomach, so, without going into any detail, I find myself not feeling very well more often than what seems like normal. My husband says I can look at food wrong and it messes me up. Cara Care is the best food journaling app I have found that is totally free and doesn’t focus on calorie counting. Not only can you track your food (with pictures!), you can track your stool, ill-feeling symptoms, sleep, workouts, skin condition, overall energy, and basically anything you can think of. There is even a section to write specific notes if you like. Then it keeps track and tells you what foods you are eating on your best and worst days.



K Health is like WebMD…minus the cancer scares with every symptom check…and better. It is basically a chat bot that asks you in depth questions about your symptom(s) to better narrow down what you might have going on. It has been super helpful with easing my mind about symptoms that might be scary or just questionable. It even has a COVID-19 assessment right now!


Do you have an app that makes your life easier? Let me know in the comments!

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