I have dubbed 2019 as the year of travel for the hubs and I, and honestly I’m mad not every year is this way! My number one goal in life is to travel to as many places as I can. Being at the age when all of your friends are getting married kind of helps with that. This year we have three weddings, two of them out of town. On top of that, we have planned at least five for-fun trips…all creating seven straight months of travel!


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One Night Staycation in Durham

One of Len’s work buddies is getting married in Durham in April. To kick things off for the year, we decided to make it a little staycation and get a hotel so we don’t have to pay for an Uber or Lyft all the way across Raleigh since we live on the other side of town. I am really excited for this wedding; they’re having bartaco and dueling pianos! How fun is that??


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Dominican Republic

This is the trip I am looking forward to the most all year. We are staying at the all-inclusive Excellence El Carmen Resort in the Dominican Republic with a few of our friends. We decided to splurge and get the Beachfront Honeymoon Two-Story Rooftop Terrace Suite with Plunge Pool. Private jacuzzi, prival pool, beachfront, free drinks…I don’t know if I can ask for more! It’s going to be such a blast and a big difference from the cruises we are so used to!

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Asheville, NC – Take 1

Somehow, I have lived my entire life in North Carolina and have never been to the Biltmore Estate. I’ve been to Asheville three times and never got a chance to go. This year, I’m visiting for my first time – at a wedding! This is going to be the wedding of the year, for sure. It’s black tie, so I get a chance to wear a super fancy dress (still searching for the perfect one 👀), and we’ll be staying at one of Biltmore’s hotels. I’m looking forward to a whole weekend of mountain air and luxury, because that is what this wedding is all about. It might be the fanciest wedding I’ll ever go to!


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Long Island, Bahamas

This trip will be the most adventurous one for us this year. We are taking a four passenger plane all the way from Raleigh to the Bahamas! 😳 To say I am terrified would be an understatement…but I’m also really excited! Don’t worry, I know the pilot personally and he flies down to the Caribbean all the time, so he knows what he’s doing. I am excited to be on island time – and MY time. Literally we can leave whenever we want and don’t have to worry about making flight times, because our friends will not leave without us! (At least I hope not 😂) We are going to be staying in these adorable cottages at a place called Tiny’s Hurricane Hole. We’re going to be living like locals! It’s going to be a blast.


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Since we have separated all over the country (and world) since graduation, my college girlfriends and I like to try to plan a trip where we all get back together for at least a week and have a blast catching up. Sometimes we invite the SO’s, sometimes it’s just a girl’s trip. This year, it’s girl’s trip time! We are all visiting our friend that lives in Michigan, and she’s going to show us around, take us to delicious local restaurants, and show us Lake Michigan. I am so excited to catch up with everyone, especially since of the girls will be just coming back from the World Race, where she has been visiting 11 countries in 11 months on an amazing and life-changing mission trip.


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Asheville, NC – Take 2

One weekend in August will be spent in an adorable Airbnb in Asheville celebrating my best friend’s Bachelorette party! We are both the same in the way that we would much rather be low key, drinking at home (or in the Airbnb), doing face masks, and watching movies than going out and getting crazy at the club. Anyone else? The Airbnb we are staying at is also a mini farm with mini horses and goats! I can’t go into too much detail because she’ll likely be reading this (actually – proofreading because she does that for me *Hi Melissa!*), and SOME of it has to be a surprise, right? 😉 I am so looking forward to this weekend!



What’s a travel year without visiting NYC? Len has never been, and I’ve only visited for half a day, so we decided to book a long weekend in Manhattan. We are staying near Central Park with a gorgeous view of Times Square. I am so looking forward to my first broadway show, doing all the touristy things, and some delicious food. We might even splurge for a meal at Per Se! 😍


Greensboro, NC

We end our travel and wedding season with my best friend’s wedding in Greensboro! I am actually really excited about this wedding. Mostly because my bestie is marrying the love of her life, but also because it’s going to be SUCH a beautiful wedding! The house where the reception is held (pictured above) is sooo adorable and seeing everything Melissa has already put together for the little details is so perfect, and perfect for her. I have been having a blast helping her plan and I cannot wait to see everything come together.

There you have it. My busy busy year that I am so excited for! We’ll for sure be throwing in some beach weekends here and there, because how could we not, being the beach people that we are?

Where are you traveling this year? Which travel destinations are you looking forward to seeing on the blog? Have you been to any of these destinations? I’d love to hear any recommendations for things to do while we visit each place! Lmk in the comments!


  1. Such fun travels!! I love this post. I’m going to Alaska this year.

    • Emily Reply

      Ah so fun!! I want to go on an Alaskan cruise so bad!

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