6fashionigs-featimgSometimes it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest trends. Maybe you bought something you really like but you’re not sure about the best way to put it together with your wardrobe. For a while now I’ve been following a few fashion blogs on Instagram, and they have inspired me to improve my wardrobe and work harder for more unique outfits. I’ve never had a problem with my style, but I’ve always wanted to “spruce” it up a bit. Learn to layer. Try on something that I would think I would never wear…I might actually like it. I have decided to share my top 10 favorite Instagram accounts that have helped me get to this point. I hope they inspire you like they have for me! Here is the list (in no particular order):

6 Of My Favorite Fashion Blogs on Instagram:

Allyson in Wonderland (IG: @allysoninwonderland)


I literally want everything this fashion blogger posts on her Instagram in my closet. Every time I scroll through my feed, I will undeniably pause at any of her posts (and possible drool a little). Her style is simple and girly yet still classy and unique. She always shows me that I might just love that “weird-looking” top that I said I would never wear in the million years. She knows how to put together the perfect outfit. Teach me your ways, Ally! ?

Jacob Tobia (IG: @jacobtobia)


No, not one you’d expect, but that’s just what I love about this fashion blog. This genderqueer goddess (from my very own Raleigh, NC!) is an activist for the LGBTQ community, and aren’t they just gorgeous?! They are so stylish, and one of my favorite people on this planet. Can I mention that their nails are always flawless? But really, what’s not to love about them? With the most fabulously unique style, they are sure to turn heads. They are not afraid to be who they really are, and I think we can all learn a thing or two from that. I also love following their fun adventures! Totally living vicariously through you, Jacob. Keep doing you, you are an inspiration! ?

Sunsets & Stilettos (IG: @sunsetsandstilettos)


Here’s a fashion blog to inspire your every day casual look. Her look seems a little more manageable, but it’s still one that I could scroll on and on for countless inspirational outfits. What I love about this Instagram is that she tells you when things are on sale! She also has posts with several pieces in one, whether it is a “round up” of her favorite pieces of the season or maybe several pieces that you can wear together. She’s the one that showed me how amazing olive green and light pink look together. Can you say my dream fall combo?

Olivia Rink (IG: @oliviarink)

oliviarinkNot only am I obsessed with her clothes, but I just loooove her hair! Can you say #hairgoals? Ok ok, back to what this article is about. Olivia’s look is classy, fun, and sophisticated. It’s not your typical every day preppy girl look. She knows her personal style, and she wears it well. I think we all aspire to find our personal look and look as good as her. Let’s be real, she’s #goals all together.

IG: @msthuymadeline

msthuymadelineThis girl is so adorable. She’s the queen of the pop of color, which, as a graphic designer, I am a big fan of. Just realizing from the 3 photos above, I am also apparently a fan of stripes. 🙂 I love the way she keeps a business casual look and shows cute ways to wear flats. As much as I love heels, I can’t wear them as much because when I do I’m taller than Len. Ha! I highly recommend checking this one out if you’re looking for simple and casual but unique and colorful!

Red Soles & Red Wine (IG: @redsolesandredwine)


The first thing that caught my eye about this fashion blog was the name. It’s two of my favorite things! 😉 What I love about her is the variety in her style. One day she will show a pretty girly dress, but the next day she’s wearing ripped jeans and an edgy black leather jacket. Another thing you’ll see a lot on her Instagram – sparkles, glitter, and sequins, oh my! What girl doesn’t love a pretty sequin dress for a special night out? Turn to her when you want all heads to turn to you!

So there you have it. 6 of my favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram. I could go on and on and list several more, but I’ll save those for another day. I don’t want to overwhelm you.

What are some of your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram?

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