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Adulting. It’s all about what you make of it. Sure, it’s stressful when you have a full time job, a mortgage, a car payment, laundry that never ends, a house that’s never clean…I could go on and on, but we all find things to pull us forward.

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Like most people in this boat, I turn to two things to get me through the stresses of adult life (besides my husband and fur babies): coffee and wine. Unfortunately, those saviors indulgences come with even more problems like tooth stains. They seem to happen easier and more often as you get older. And no one has the time or money to go to the dentist for all the fancy stuff like custom-fitted trays, constant visits, expensive procedures, etc. So, you can just get the whitening strips at Target, right? Well, you could, but do they really get every nook and cranny of your teeth?Smile Brilliant offers custom fitted trays – the same as the trays you get from the dentist for $500+ – for a fraction of the price. These trays allow more of the surface area of your teeth to come in contact with the whitening gel than whitening strips from the store do.

The other great thing about the trays is that they are completely custom to fit your teeth, so if you have crooked teeth, no worries! You can still whiten with ease. You create the impression at home, send it in, get your trays within a week, and start whitening!

Sensitivity Concerns

A big concern people have about whitening their teeth is sensitivity. I’m not going to lie, I had that concern as well. My teeth are very sensitive, and the only thing that gets me through it is Sensodyne toothpaste. Sensitivity is 100% normal when whitening your teeth. In fact, over 60% of Americans have naturally sensitive teeth. Luckily for us, Smile Brilliant provides a desensitizing gel to help with that! You can also change your routine as you need to. For instance, people without sensitive teeth can whiten every day for 1-3 hours at a time. I whitened every other day for 1 hour and desensitized on my off days as well as right after whitening. Whitening my teeth took a little longer, but I still got the same amazing results!

After I started the process, I could tell the difference after just a few applications! The biggest thing was seeing my stains fade away. (See photo below) I drink a LOT of coffee, and it takes its toll on my teeth. Luckily, they’re no match for Smile Brilliant!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening KitSmile Brilliant Teeth Whitening KitWhy not use UV whitening?

Simple: it’s temporary. True, depending on how you take care of your teeth, any teeth whitening is temporary, but what makes Smile Brilliant different is the gel itself. Teeth are like sponges. They have little pores that absorb anything with color (i.e. coffee and wine). Therefore, they absorb the gel that tackles these stains. (This is actually what causes the sensitivity, and the desensitizing gel helps close those pores faster, also reducing the amount of restaining as you inevitably drink more coffee and wine.

According to Smile Brilliant’s website, UV Whitening “is FDA regulated and only offered under dentist supervision. Although it does whiten very quickly, it is not an option for people with sensitive teeth. Further, the results are temporary and must still be maintained (often with custom-fitted whitening trays or repeat dental visits). The process is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.” Again, who has time and money for all that?

The fact that I can whiten my teeth on my own time in the comfort of my own home is huge to me. The trays are practically invisible and very comfortable. Since I only did mine for an hour, I started my nightly routine with whitening my teeth. While my teeth were whitening, I would wash my face, hang out with my husband, and watch an episode of Friends or The Office, or maybe even take a bath. It forced me to slow down in the evenings (and also to not eat right before bed). It was very easy to fit into my nightly schedule. Besides the waiting, it doesn’t take long at all.

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  1. Like you, wine and coffee are my go tos so this kit would be great. Thanks forthe giveaway , discount code and sharing about the product.

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