If you love beauty products and you have been anywhere on the internet lately, you have probably heard a few things here and there about the horrible ingredients companies put in their beauty products. It’s really scary when you think about it. Luckily, there are some out there working to fix this. Apparently, there are over 1,300 chemicals banned in Europe because they are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation (what?!), reproductive harm or birth defects. In the U.S.? Only 11. Ridiculous? I think so.

A few weeks ago, I was getting a spray tan (by the amazing Bronze Le Chic). She is huge on taking care of your skin; stay out of the sun (hence the spray tan) and using good quality products! I had noticed that she recently posted on Facebook about a new skin care and cosmetics company that is working to give us all safer products. You’ve probably heard of it by now: Beautycounter. I decided to ask her about it, and after learning more from her and trying out a few samples, I couldn’t wait to buy my first Beautycounter product! I have been meaning to get a new Tinted Moisturizer, and this was the perfect opportunity. Read about my experience below.

My skin type: I have very fair and dry skin with an uneven skin tone. I get a lot of blotchy redness on my nose and cheeks.

My hopes for this product: People usually use tinted moisturizers on days when they either don’t have time to or don’t feel like putting makeup on. My hopes is that I can do just that, and it will even out my skin tone and give me the natural/makeup-less look. I also hope that it has at least a little bit of coverage for days that I have a blemish that it would at least blur it out a little. A one-step makeup routine every now and then would be nice!

Trying the product

Because I have fair skin and cooler weather is coming, I knew that any color I got on my face this summer would fade fast, so I bought the lightest shade (No. 1). The directions say to “use daily alone or on top of moisturizer. Apply evenly with fingertips or Flat Complexion Brush.” I tried it both on top of my daily moisturizer and alone and applied with my fingertips (a nice new makeup brush kit is on the list to buy very soon). It takes a very select few products to actually keep my face from drying out throughout the day. This worked alone with and without my moisturizer! I was pleasantly surprised – one less step to do in the morning!

What I loved
  • This product is called “Dew Skin” for a good reason. This tinted moisturizer gives you just the right amount of dewy glow. It wasn’t shimmery and it wasn’t over the top. It was perfect.
  • It did exactly what I hoped: it evened out my skin tone. No more blotchy redness for me!
  • While doing all of this, the sheer coverage gave me the no-makeup look that I was hoping for.
  • A big plus is that it has sunscreen in it! It’s very important to wear sunscreen every day for healthy skin as well as to help prevent aging.
  • It keeps your skin hydrated all day!
What I didn’t love
  • The coverage is very very sheer, so my blemishes and dark circles still stuck out like a sore thumb to me. So I still had to use some concealer to cover those up.
  • Something I noticed was the smell. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. To me, I would call it a mixture between the smell of foundation and the smell of sunscreen. You may like the smell of sunscreen, but this is nothing like it. It was pretty strong, too, and seemed to last through at least half of the day.

This is great for people who want a quick start to the morning if you don’t have any blemishes to cover up, or for a lazy Sunday around the house. It is definitely not meant for an everyday full coverage foundation, but it does help smooth out your skin tone and blur out any redness or small blemishes and keeps your skin smooth and hydrated, even if you are prone to dry skin (like me). I think it’s a great purchase, especially knowing that the company worked hard to give you something that works and is also clean!

Taking It to the Next Level

One of the popular looks right now is the “minimalist” makeup look. I actually received the Minimal Makeup “Book of Beauty” by Pixi by Petra in my March POPSUGAR Must Have Box, so I decided to pull it out and add on to my look. The kit includes two shades of highlighter, two shades of blush, and a beautiful neutral eye shadow palette. The results: beautiful!

The bottle also says to “layer Tint Skin Foundation on top of Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer for more coverage.” This, I can’t wait to try. I plan to purchase the foundation (among other Beautycounter products) soon. I can’t wait to try everything!!

Interested in knowing what some of the ingredients are that are harmful to you that Beautycounter is avoiding? Check out their Never List. I dare you to see if you can find any of these ingredients are in your beauty products! Want to save time and still check everything in your bathroom? I did. There’s an app for that! 😉 Two, to be exact. Check out EWG’s Healthy Living app or the Think Dirty app. All you have to do is scan your product and it will give you a rating with a list of the good and bad ingredients in that product. It’s been both the best and worst thing that I have discovered, but I’m hoping soon I can have a “clean” bathroom shelf.

What is your favorite clean cosmetics brand?

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