Happy New Year, all! I hope everyone’s holiday season was amazing and you all are starting out 2017 great! December was an insane month for me, as it is for pretty much anyone. This weekend, I’m stuck inside with snow and ice covering the ground and roads here in Raleigh, so I figured it’s the perfect time to catch up on here!

A while back I posted a couple of “teasers” on Instagram showing some of the holiday decor I had around the house. Well, the Christmas season is over and my decorations are put away…what a sad day! However, I did manage to take pictures before we took them down so I can show you all on here! You could say this post is a little late…or you could say it’s a little early. But I say it’s never too early to start planning for the Holiday season! If you like something, pin it to a “Christmas” Pinterest board for later so you can look back on it when it’s time to start decorating again! Woohoo!

Len and I were so extremely excited to decorate our first home together for Christmas for the first time, so we basically raided Kirklands and Target. So pretty much everything you will see is from there. 🙂

Let’s start from the outside in, and I’ll take you for a walk through my house at Christmas time!

I’d love to see some of your favorite Christmas decorations! Where are your favorite places to shop for holiday decor?

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