Bucket list item #2 checked off for the year – a weekend in Charleston. We had a wonderful time (despite the not-so-wonderful weather) and I can’t wait to go back (in a cooler time of year hehe). I’ll try to keep this post a little shorter than my Nashville post. I know that one was a long one for you guys! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite part of Charleston so I know where to go next time!

Day 1: Friday

We got to our Airbnb in West Ashley around 3:30. It was such a quaint little old house that was perfect for what we needed, and the owner even left these beautiful hydrangeas around the house for us. It had an amazing view of the Stono River.


We decided to start out by checking out downtown Charleston. We ate at a small bar, HoM, for dinner and grabbed some yummy ice cream at Jeni’s.

I got their lavender mojito…LOVE!!

Once our tummies were so full we couldn’t possibly stuff our faces anymore, we kept walking down King Street for a quick preview of the rest of our weekend in Charleston.

Day 2: Saturday

Saturday started out with a delicious brunch at Page’s Okra Grill in Mt. Pleasant. (Next trip to this area will be spent exploring more of this side of Charleston for sure!)

After we filled up we decided to walk it off on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. This was not the best decision considering the weather and our clothing. Not only was it a hot walk up hill, but we were the only ones not in workout clothes (oops!). The bridge is about 2.5 miles long so we definitely didn’t walk the entire thing. We did, however, make it to the first pillar where we caught a nice breeze and a beautiful view. The total walk was about 1.5 miles.

It was kind of embarrassing how much we were sweating…so we headed back to the house to shower before lunch, which was delicious! Rutledge Cab Co. was one of my favorite places we ate in Charleston. They have an AMAZING fried chicken sandwich with slaw and gruyere cheese that I just couldn’t get enough of. I highly recommend it if you go!

After lunch we braved the heat and headed for our trek down the peninsula. We started at waterfront park…we had to see the pineapple fountain!

Swanky Suede Romper // Altar’d State // $69.95
Plum In Love Kimono // Altar’d State // $39.88

Next stop was Rainbow Row…a must see for any blogger, amirite?

We then headed down to the Battery with some pretty sights on the way…

After that we decided to head up King Street to find anything to cool us off. Thank God for smoothies at Ben & Jerry’s! By then we were over the heat and begging for (another) shower, so we headed back home to get ready for dinner. We found a delicious little Italian place on John’s Island called Mondo’s. (Sorry guys, no pictures…that plate of food hit the table and I dove right in with no second thoughts.)

Day 3: Sunday

We were able to start day 3 of our weekend in Charleston a little later with an 11:45 brunch reservation at Tavern & Table in Mt. Pleasant. This was probably my second favorite restaurant from the trip. I got the Sorbet Mimosa (YUM!!) and the “Toad in the Hole” french toast dish. Again…yum!

Brunch was followed by the aquarium, which was really nice. We enjoyed all of the interactive exhibits and I loved that it was right on the water.

After the aquarium we decided to head back to King St. for some shopping. We got stuck in the rain but it wasn’t all bad. It was still better than the hot humidity! In between we decided to stop in a little Restaurant and Bakery called Saffron for some water and treats. We got more food than 4 people should get (and most of it was ordered by Len and me).

Don’t worry, we wrapped up about half of it to save it for later, ha! We needed to walk it all off before dinner so we found some stores to spend time in. The decision for Sunday night’s dinner was Bubba Gump’s. I have always wanted to try it and for someone who doesn’t love seafood that much, my coconut shrimp was really really good!

Blu Pepper Striped Poplin Off-The-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top // $39

We wanted to end the night on a rooftop bar, but the rain kept us from those plans, so we decided to slum it back at the Airbnb and hang out for the rest of the night. The next morning we hit the road back to NC!

I hope this gave you some ideas for what you can do on your next trip to Charleston. Been before? Tell me your favorite part of Charleston and where we should go next time!

xoxo // Ems



  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I keep hearing about Airnb and your positive words are great to hear for someone looking to book one!

    • Emily Reply

      Airbnb is the best!!! It’s so much cheaper than a hotel and you can get a whole house with a kitchen and more!

  2. Looks like a lovely place to visit… and man, oh, man you cannot beat Jeni’s for ice cream!

    • Emily Reply

      It was my first time having Jeni’s! I wish there was one closer to Raleigh!

  3. Goodness, I love the South so much! It’s just the best! Your pictures are amazing and the food looks divine! I’m glad you had a good weekend in Charleston! Great post! xoxo

    • Emily Reply

      Thank you! I love the south so much. It holds such a special place in my heart ?

  4. That’s *so* on our wish list for our next trip. We were in Nashville, Memphis and Clarksdale last October, and we’re hatching our next trip plans now. Might be needing your airbnb recommendation when we Brits are next back across the pond.

  5. Absolutely LOVE your photos! Charleston looks amazing. And I’m totally drooling over the food you ate #superjelly

    • Emily Reply

      Thank you! It was all sooo good! Feel free to share and save the photos for your next visit!

  6. I love Charleston!! I have family there so we go all the time! I have so many favorite places to shop and eat it would be an overwhelming list 🙂 I will say next time head over the bridge to Mt Pleasant where you then cross the connector to the isle of palms. They have a state park where you can park to lay on the beach or cute shops to cruise through before deciding on which delicious restaurant to eat at!! Back over the bridge to King’s street where most of my shopping is done there is a little Irish bar that has delicious hamburgers ( I can not think of the name) but its easy to find! The market is also a favorite of mine because you get to see the ladies make hand made baskets out of grass which is always a great souvenir to take back home! I’m glad you were able to see a little slice of SC!! Maybe next time head to Hilton Head it is such a quaint little town and I have plenty of restaurants to tell you about there too!!!

    • Emily Reply

      Thank you so much for the recommendations!! I can’t wait to go again. We’ve heard so many great things about Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms I definitely want to check that part out next time! I will definitely take note of all of this for next visit. ☺️

  7. I can’t wait to visit Charleston! It looks like you had a fantastic time. Also, I’m in love with your gladiator sandals. I need to get a pair.

    • Emily Reply

      It’s such a beautiful place! I hope you enjoy it! And thank you! I got them from Altar’d State last year and they are amazing. They typically have similar ones every year!

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