As soon as my friends told me they were expecting their third child, I knew immediately that I wanted to throw them a shower. I love entertaining and I don’t get a lot of chances to do so since my hubby isn’t a huge fan of it. I wanted the theme to match the theme of the nursery, so as soon as Kelly told me that she wanted to do Tiffany blue for her baby girl (because she had already done the pink thing with her second child), I was so stoked to bring blue boxes, white ribbon, and pearls in for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed baby shower.

Some may think it odd that I used all blue for a girl’s baby shower (some guests were a little confused and asked me in hushed voices “I thought they were having a girl…are they having a boy”) but I love being different! Plus, you can’t get much girlier than Tiffany’s!

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First of all, can we talk about these amazing Tiffany’s Gift Boxes? I got a set of 24 for only $13 here! I filled them with little silver Hershey’s kisses, so they looked like a box full of little diamonds…or chocolate diamonds, if you will. They were a huge hit, and everyone from kids to adults loved them.

What’s a breakfast/brunch shower without mimosas and MOMosas? Along with your typical orange juice, I also included a strawberry peach juice, which as a fun twist on the mimosas. Momosas were made by using lime sparkling water instead of champagne.

I LOVED these Tiffany blue plastic champagne flutes, too! You can’t get much better than that. I found those at party city but also I found these and they would have been perfect!

We also included a large dispenser of cucumber water and a box of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Believe it or not, this cake is made from cutting up a sheet cake! It was so easy and people loved it! I found the tutorial here.

This is my first diaper cake, so go easy on me…but I was super proud of it! I found some leftover tissue paper and silver ribbon from Christmas and the tray and blue ribbon is from Dollar Tree. I love that place!

The most popular part of the shower was the “late night diapers,” where guests wrote messages on diapers for mom and dad to read when they’re changing diapers late at night. People thought of some hilarious messages! We all had a blast thinking of clever stuff (and also some sweet stuff).

Yes, this is a donut hole tree. And yes, it is amazing. I recommend having this at every party you have! I’m officially obsessed. It’s like the house party version of a donut wall you see at weddings these days (btw – why wasn’t that a thing when I got married?)

My favorite part of the food (besides the donut tree) was the biscuit bar. My husband makes these amazing 4 ingredient biscuits and everyone LOVED them. I provided ham, jam, butter, and honey (not pictured) for a make-your-own-biscuit station.

For those wanting a healthier option, I provided a parfait station. I think it’s pretty self explanatory, ha! I also got a fruit tray from Lowes foods, which is always a popular and pretty much necessary dish at any shower, brunch, or party.

The little balls in the little cups are Sixlet candies from Party City. They have them in every color, which matched my plates, napkins, and champagne flutes perfectly! I also loved the white ones because they looked like pearls.

Also, this sequin table runner was perfect. And it was only $7!

Overall, the shower was a success! I can’t wait to throw my next party!

What are some cute themes that you have used for a baby shower?

xo // Em


  1. Mary Lou Barnhill Reply

    Wow, looks great. I see you have a great talent for entertaining! Everything looks AWESOME!!! Way to go!!

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